DirectX Graphics Tools

The Windows 10 operating system comes with a suite of tools called DirectX Graphics Tools that are made to assist programmers in creating and debugging DirectX-based graphics applications. These instruments comprise the following:

  1. PIX for Windows: PIX for Windows is a graphics debugging and profiling application that enables programmers to record and examine graphics performance information frame-by-frame.
  2. Graphics Diagnostics: Using the graphics diagnostics tool, programmers can record and examine data on how graphics are rendered in order to find and fix issues with their programmes.
  3. Direct3D Device Diagnostic Tool: Developers may test and debug Direct3D-based apps with the Direct3D Device Diagnostic Tool.
  4. GPU Usage: This tool shows real-time GPU usage metrics, such as how many draw calls were made, how many triangles were rendered, and how many pixels were produced.

You must have the Windows 10 SDK (Software Development Kit) installed on your computer in order to use these tools. Once the tools are launched, you may access them by navigating to the Start menu, type “Graphics Tools” into the search bar, and then choosing the tool you want to use. While sophisticated users who want to examine the performance and behaviour of their graphics hardware and programmes may find these tools valuable, developers are the intended users of these tools.

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